Yoga Therapy


Everyone's experience of disease is different.  Treat the individual.


Yoga Therapy is more than physical therapy alone.  Its techniques include ways of managing mental and emotional, in addition to physical, conditions, both acute and chronic.  Some of the most common ailments facing Americans today from back pain to anxiety can be addressed with personalized yoga therapy practice.  More important, yoga can do so without the countless serious side effects associated with medication.


In our sessions we will explore practices that can help you manage your condition, whether it is easing chronic pain, managing mood, or reducing inflammation and irritation, so you can take control of your own healing process.  

"Several years ago I altered my diet to become organic, no processed food, kind of paleo. It had the unfortunate side effect of causing chronic constipation. This was the first issue that Pam addressed with me in my personal practice. She designed a yoga practice that targeted the abdominal area, and gave me Ayurvedic dietary tweaks that honored the way I needed to eat for my health. All of this resulted in a resolution of this problem within a few days." -- Laura S

Stress + Anxiety

Stress has become a common experience for most Americans.  But chronic stress and anxiety, even if low grade, can become a debilitating condition, taking joy out of daily life and making our daily work routine difficult. 


Stress and anxiety are conditions that Yoga Therapy can have a great impact on rather quickly.  In our sessions we will talk about the triggers of anxiety and develop strategies to create a greater sense of calm and acceptance.  



Depression can be debilitating for those of us who suffer from it and it can also come with aches and pains.  Depression medications are one of the most prescribed medicines in American today and most come with a list of side affects that can create even a greater sense of despair. 


Yoga Therapy is about practicing the state of mind you wish to create.  In our sessions we will discuss current lifestyle choices and develop strategies to release the grip that depression can have over you.  

Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is perhaps one of the most difficult conditions facing modern medicine today.  The use of pain medication and addiction to pain medication is skyrocketing in America.  Many people with chronic pain have tried everything and still experience pain. 


Yoga Therapy has been shown to have some influence in treating chronic pain.  In our sessions we will develop a personal practice that specifically addresses your unique experience of their pain.

Back Pain

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with half of working Americans reporting back pain symptoms every year.  The causes and treatments, however, vary significantly between individuals.


Yoga Therapy can be used to heal back pain, strengthen areas of weakness, and relax areas of tightness.  In our sessions, we will evaluate areas of pain and discomfort and develop a practice that promotes healing and prevents additional injury.



The great transition that every woman goes through can be one of discomfort and loss of feeling like ourselves.  Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, loss of libido, decreased sexual function, depression and anxiety, among others, are all symptoms of menopause.  While menopause is a completely natural progression for every woman, it can be one of great challenge. 


A Yoga Therapy practice can help ease this transition and guide women to a fuller expression of themselves.  Menopause can actually be a time of great empowerment and Yoga Therapy can help us to discover this deep inner self and help us to learn to express who we truly are.

Auto-Immune Disorders


Auto Immune disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in our modern culture with no real progress in treatment from western medicine.  Yoga Therapy sees all of these conditions as based on inflammation in the system. 


Yoga Therapy can work quite effectively with inflammation and begin to work with the individual to ease the symptoms of their condition.  While some people may see dramatic results and become symptom free over time, others, whose conditions have been present over a long period of time, may experience a sense of  ease.