Yoga Practice


  • The emphasis on physical perfection that we see today in many gyms and yoga studios does not begin to define what is possible with customized Yoga practice.  

  • In Yoga there are many available, and often more powerful, techniques that employ breath, sound and concentration, which can enact real and meaningful change in individuals very quickly.  

  • It is important for students and teachers to understand that the most effective Yoga tools for transformation, personal growth and healing varies significantly with the individual and with the circumstances.


Personal practice lets individuals manage their energy for life, health and longevity.


In our sessions, we will work together to identify your goals, strengths and available time.  From there we will develop a practice that will help you achieve and sustain your goals.  Whether you are new to yoga, a seasoned practitioner, or modifying practice to accomodate your body's needs as you age, we can borrow from Yoga's myriad of tools to help you successfuly adapt your Yoga practice.


"My personal practice has helped me navigate some tough times over the past few years. I am continually in awe at the insight and greater peace of mind I have gained through this process" -- Jennifer P

Developing a Personal Practice


Yoga practice is at its most powerful when customized to a practitioner's needs and goals.  As individuals and at different stages in life, we face very different circumstances with unique challenges: 

  • Office workers have rigid schedules that keep them sedentary and facing computer screens much of the day.

  • Service industry workers are on their feet all day and expected to react at a moment's notice to anything that may come up.

  • College students often have irregular schedules and need to be able to focus on demand in class and while studying.  

Each case benefits from different approaches to yoga practice.  In Yoga, one size does not fit all.  Whether you are after increased energy, achieving optimal health and vitality, improving confidence and relationships, or personal transformation, there is a practice that will help you achieve your goals faster.


Adjusting Personal Practice as We Age


Yoga practice must respect our stage in life.  Our bodies and minds change as we age and we benefit greatly by adapting practice to address these changes.

  • Contrary to popular belief, practices designed for our 20s and 30s do not keep us younger in our 40s and 50s.  They may actually expedite aging.  

  • The challenges faced by an aging body can be addressed by modifying yoga practice so it demands appropriate strength and flexibility.  

  • At the same time, age can offer us increased mental stability and makes available more stuble yoga practices such as pranayama, meditation and chant, which might have been too challenging before.  

In our sessions, we will assess your needs and challenges and design a practice that supports them and helps you meet your goals.