Yoga for Better Golf


Golf is a game of focus and precision.  The ability to attain razor sharp focus on a moment's notice is critical to controlling your body, your club and the ball.  Golf is also a game with inherent repetitive motion and physical imbalances between right and left sides of the body.  This can make players prone to injury in the long run.


The physical and mental techniques of yoga are designed to both develop single pointed focus and create balance.  In our sessions we will look at physical issues and mental blocks to help you reach optimal strength and flexibility to improve your game.  

"I found that I would go out on the course, have faith that my muscle memory would be true and just start playing. If I didn't have time to do an hour at the range before I played I would still be alright on the course.  It simply wasn't a concern for me." -- Marc B

Increasing Mental Focus


"If you talk to any golfer who works at the game, their biggest problem with the game is between the ears."


Aim.  Control.  Execution.  Every aspect of the game of golf comes down to whether you can focus on the shot at hand.  If you are prone to distraction or lack proper body awareness, your game can be hindered significantly.  


In our sessions, we will assess and tune your ability to

  • Attain singular focus on a chosen object

  • Quickly identify and process information without letting it distract you

  • Coordinate focus with movement

Balancing Strength + Flexibility


"I am more comfortable and looser when I swing a club now. Rarely do I feel tight before, during and after playing."


Too relaxed and you won't control your aim.  Too tense and you can't control the force you exert.  Balancing strength and flexibility is critical for proper technique and optimal execution in any sport.  


In our sessions, you will learn how to

  • Synchronize movement and breath to make both work for you

  • Assess your own body to determine what it needs to perform optimally

  • Increase strength, flexibility and body symmetry, critical to avoid injuries

Addressing Repetitive Motion Stress


"I do some of the same stretches/poses daily and I really know my body and how it feels day to day."


Pracitcing with body awareness and attention to movement helps address injuries that can result from repetitive motion or from inherent imbalance in preferring our strong side.    


In our sessions, you will learn tools and techniques to

  • Balance both sides of the body

  • Address muscles that are over or under developed

  • Minimize injuries related to alignment habits