Meditation + Chant



In today's hectic work and school environments, many things vie for our attention and multi-tasking has become a typical way to approach our To Do lists.  But we have other tools available to us that allow us to complete complex tasks faster, more effectively, and allows us to enjoy the process.  The practice of developing and maintainig focus enables efficiency in our actions, creativity in our problem-solving and re-energizes us.  There are many focus and meditation techniques available.  In our sessions, we will explore which ones are appropriate for your personality and routine.


In addition, sound techniques, including mantra and Vedic chanting, are available to facilitate meditation and aid growth in your practice.  Benefits of chanting include improvements in memory, confidence, active listening, and hearing our own voice. 

"I began with a large amount of insecurity around chanting, as I have never been musically inclined.  Pam has been a treasure to me for kindness, support and generosity of spirit. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in the art of chanting, and has been able to teach me more than I thought possible in these few months." -- Marguerite B


Meditation is not what most people think.  It is not sitting and thinking about nothing.  Rather it is a specific focus intended to address an individual's unique needs for personal growth, clarity and mental focus.  

The practice could include some simple movements, some focus breathing, and some quiet time spent in an intended focus.

Vedic chanting is a very precise technique involving listening to something and repeating what you heard.  This is a method of learning that increases mental capacity.  It is very different to learn through the ears than through the eyes and it stimulates different parts of the brain.  Vedic chant is extremely useful for the mind.  

Focus brings clarity.  Clarity brings good decision making.  Good decision making brings better communication and better relationships. 

In our sessions we will discuss your goals and aspirations.  What areas are working and what areas are not working.  Then we will design a practice for you that works with your schedule.  

Mantra chanting can increase mental focus, mental functioning, self confidence, and vocal development.  It is useful for public speaking of any type, speech development, tone development and cognitive functioning.